Safer Baby Toy Alternatives

2 Types of Safer Baby Toys you Should be Buying

  Protecting Baby Part II: Toys Read Part 1 – Shampoo Read Part 3 – Baby Bottles Avoid Cheap Plastic Toys We all want to prevent our babies from coming into contact with toxic chemicals that can cause cancer or autism.  Something we don’t often think about is toys.  Babies and kids play with them […] Read more…

The Ugly Truth About Baby Shampoo

The Ugly Truth About Baby Shampoo

Protecting Baby Part I: Personal Care Products Read Part 2 – Toys Read Part 3 – Baby Bottles Toxins in Baby Shampoo We all want to keep our kids safe from toxins, but what if something as simple as baby shampoo is increasing their toxic load?  The more toxins we are exposed to the increased […] Read more…

6 Reasons Micro beads are harmful

6 Reasons Microbeads are Harmful

What are Microbeads? Microbeads are small plastic particles found mainly in cosmetics and personal care products such as face wash, body wash and toothpaste. The Microbead-Free Waters Act (H.R. 1321) was recently approved and will ban the sale of products containing microbeads by July 2018. These is great news because small plastic particles are terrible […] Read more…

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