Trans Fats Hiding in Your Food

Nasty Trans Fats Are Lurking in Your Food

  Donuts at the Office Someone brought in donuts at the office.  I looked at the label stating “0 GRAMS TRANS FAT” and I wondered…  How many people actually think that these doughnuts are “healthier” because they aren’t clogging their arteries with trans fats.  Of course I know better, so I’m going to share a […] Read more…

Artificial Food Colors Affects Children's Behavior

Are Artificial Colors Affecting Your Kids Behavior?

Artificial Colors Artificial colors are used in processed foods to make them look more appealing.  The problem is that they are created in a lab and they have numerous health concerns.  Studies show that artificial food colors can cause hyperactivity and ADHD.  Artificial food colors are banned in Europe, yet the FDA continues to allow […] Read more…

6 Reasons Micro beads are harmful

6 Reasons Microbeads are Harmful

What are Microbeads? Microbeads are small plastic particles found mainly in cosmetics and personal care products such as face wash, body wash and toothpaste. The Microbead-Free Waters Act (H.R. 1321) was recently approved and will ban the sale of products containing microbeads by July 2018. These is great news because small plastic particles are terrible […] Read more…

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