open sewer pipe

Are You Eating Sewer Sludge?

Are we seriously eating food grown with sewer sludge? The answer is a disgusting YES. It’s a common practice in the United States for sewage waste facilities to sanitize, package and sell the leftovers as fertilizer. What is Sewer Sludge? Sewer Sludge, also called “biosolids” is whats leftover after water goes through the waste water […] Read more…

Basket of produce

How to Uncomplicate Healthy Food and Chronic Disease

This post may contain affiliate links, you can read my affiliate disclosure here. Does healthy food need to be complicated? It seems like everyday there is a new study about food, or a new diet. Can we make eating healthy food uncomplicated? The Food Revolution brings together some of the top experts and speakers to […] Read more…

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