Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag with Cherrios

Ditch Plastic Ziplock Bags for These Popular Trends

Plastic ziplock bags are undeniably useful.  The snack sized plastic bags are lightweight, fit anywhere, seal perfectly and never fail.  Ziplocks are good for holding snacks, lunches or storing all kinds of small non-food objects like marbles, paper clips or nails.  Anything imaginable can be stored in a plastic ziplock bag.  But plastic ziplocks have […] Read more…

Hidden Cost of Dying Bees

The Grocery Shelves Would be Bare if All the Bees Die

Importance of Honey Bees for Sustaining Life on Earth Bees are more than pesky insects that sting you. Ok, so this could be a little exaggerated. However if all pollen-spreading insects ceased to exist we would have a huge problem. Many fruits and plants depend on bees or other insects for pollination. In fact 1/3 […] Read more…

Ingredients Banned in Europe

6 Food Ingredients Banned In Europe + How to Ditch Them

This post may contain affiliate links, you can read my affiliate disclosure here. Food Ingredients Banned In Europe Would you eat food with ingredients banned in Europe? Unfortunately its likely you are without realizing it. Once you know what these ingredients are then you will have the opportunity to avoid them. Many of these ingredients […] Read more…

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