Do you love milk? Like lots of kids I grew up drinking milk. It was never my favorite especially warm milk sitting on the counter too long. And I still have memories of elementary school lunch and with cardboard tasting milk.

I later learned about the pitfalls of modern dairy and why conventional dairy can be toxic to our bodies. But, that is a topic for another day…

Fast forward about 20 years and I discovered milk in glass jars. Yes, just like in the books or movies where the milk would be delivered to your door in glass bottles. Only this time they are found on the grocery store shelf. I gave it a try and it was delicious. So good I never went back to plastic gallons of milk.

Here are 5 good reasons to give it a try

Glass Bottles of Milk on store shelf

Does Milk in Glass Bottles Taste Better?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone’s taste buds but I think it tastes much better.

Glass is the perfect material for storing food. It is non-porous, non-reactive, non toxic and does not interact with anything inside the container. As a result, it is an excellent storage container for keeping milk fresh.

Without any flavors being imparted into your milk from the container you get fresh crisp tasting milk. You’ll never know the difference unless you give it a try!

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Glass Bottles Keep Milk Cold Longer

Glass keeps milk colder than other materials such as paper and plastic. Keeping milk cold has it’s advantages.

Colder temperatures keep milk fresh longer and keep it from spoiling.

Studies show that milk flavor changes with temperature. I certainly prefer the taste of cold milk to warm. What about you?

Glass Bottles are Eco Friendly

In most cases you will pay a few dollars deposit for the glass bottle. However the deposit gets refunded when a clean and empty bottle is returned.

The amount of resources needed to clean and refill a glass bottle is less than that needed to make another carton or plastic jug.

Reusing glass bottles reduces the creation of plastic that will ultimately end up in landfills. Think about the staggering numbers if we add up all the milk in plastic bottles that people buy and throw away on a weekly basis.

Less Distance Traveled

Most milk in glass bottles is shipped locally.

This means fresher milk straight from the farm because less time goes by between bottling and the consumer.

Another benefit to being local is a smaller environmental footprint. Much more resources are needed to ship milk thousands of miles.

Did you know that organic milk in cartons is ultra pasteurized? By heating up the milk and killing the bacteria (both good and bad) the milk keeps longer on the shelf and can come from farther away, but at what cost?

Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting your local farmer is always important. These farmers are part of our community. They have the ability to provide us seasonal freshly picked food.

Buying local keeps farmers in business, gives us nutritious food options and reduces our environmental footprint.

Where to Buy Milk in Glass Bottles

Around our area Wegmans and Whole Foods both carry milk in glass bottles from homestead creamery. At Whole Foods you find them in the produce section, while at Wegmans they are in the dairy case.

Our local produce box seasonal roots also has the option of milk in glass bottles.

If you don’t see milk in glass bottles at your local store, try searching drink milk in glass bottles to see if there are any glass bottle milk brands near you.

Buying Local Milk in Glass Jars

To sum up here are the ample benefits of drinking milk in glass jars.

  • It’s tastier without the plastic or carton flavor.
  • It’s colder and fresher because of the glass bottles.
  • Less resources spent on transportation.
  • Less distance traveled = farm fresh milk.
  • You are Supporting local farmers.
  • Less packaging waste because bottles are washed and reused.
  • You will reduce your environmental footprint.

These are excellent reasons to consider milk in glass bottles. Go try it out for yourself, you don’t have to take my word for it.

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