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Ingredients Banned in Europe

6 Food Ingredients Banned In Europe + How to Ditch Them

This post may contain affiliate links, you can read my affiliate disclosure here. Food Ingredients Banned In Europe Would you eat food with ingredients banned in Europe? Unfortunately its likely you are without realizing it. Once you know what these ingredients are then you will have the opportunity to avoid them. Many of these ingredients […] Read more…

Artificial Food Colors Affects Children's Behavior

Are Artificial Colors Affecting Your Kids Behavior?

Artificial Colors Artificial colors are used in processed foods to make them look more appealing.  The problem is that they are created in a lab and they have numerous health concerns.  Studies show that artificial food colors can cause hyperactivity and ADHD.  Artificial food colors are banned in Europe, yet the FDA continues to allow […] Read more…

Dangers Lurking in the Cereal Aisle

Dangers Lurking in the Cereal Aisle

Whats in Your Cereal? Cereal is highly processed.  Meaning you will get lots of synthetic ingredients and very little nutrition.  You may be unaware that you are consuming toxins with every bite.  I used to be oblivious to the ingredients in cereal.  My kids love cereal, but we have finally after lots of hard work […] Read more…