Is Your Cereal Toxic

Whats in Your Cereal?

Cereal is highly processed.  Meaning you will get lots of synthetic ingredients and very little nutrition.  You may be unaware that you are consuming toxins with every bite.  I used to be oblivious to the ingredients in cereal.  My kids love cereal, but we have finally after lots of hard work transitioned away from cereal.

According to an analysis done by The Cornucopia Institute the following were found in cereals with the label “natural”

  • Pesticides
  • Genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Ingredients grown in sewage sludge.

The majority of non-organic cereals are laden with GMO’s and pesticides.

“A Canadian report published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology found the pesticides used on genetically modified crops and, in some cases, the genes used to create GM crops are able to survive in our digestive tracts, move into our bloodstreams, and, in the case of pregnant women, show up into their developing infants”

Many genetically modified ingredients are grown using the pesticide Roundup which has been recently classified as a carcinogen and is linked to:

  • Cancer Tumors (found in tests on lab rats)
  • Increase in food allergies
  • Digestive Problems

Navigating the Cereal Aisle

  • My number 1 tip is to ONLY buy organic cereal since organic products are not allowed to contain GMO ingredients or pesticides.
  • Avoid any cereals claiming “natural” unless it is organic.
  • An even better option is to start making your own cereal.

Natural cereals that aren’t
Monsanto GM Corn Breakfast Cereals

photo from: jonolist via photopin cc



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