What are the best Halloween Treats?

Whether you are participating in the teal pumpkin project or you just want an alternative to unhealthy candy this list is for you! Regardless of the reason, these non candy treat ideas for Halloween are the perfect fall treat that kids will love.

Our Experience Handing out Non Candy Treats

Our kids (ages 4, 6 & 8) absolutely love to go Trick or Treating and look forward to it every year.  One of our neighbors gives out mini play dough each year.  Play dough is one of those activities that provides hours of fun for our kids.

Our house doesn’t get a ton of trick or treat kids each year but we still hand out non-candy treats. In the past kids who stopped by were excited about the stamps and stickers we gave out. One memorable moment was a father who was extremely appreciative to get non-candy treats for his kids.

Why Cheap Trinkets or Toys aren’t the Answer

Looking to save money by buying cheap Halloween trinkets or toys?

Sure you can save yourself a few dollars, but cheap plastic toys and trinkets have downsides:

  • Cheap toys break quick and end up in the trash.
  • The more cheap toys a kid gets the less likely they care for each one.
  • Cheap production often means more toxic and more environmentally dangerous ingredients.
  • The toxins that leach from cheap toys not only harm the child, but exist for years or even decades polluting the environment.

The toxins and environmental impact, simply aren’t worth it in my opinion. Go for quality over quantity if possible. Instead of a lot of cheap little things, buy something a little nicer and give out one per trick or treater. 

Consider DIY Halloween Treat Ideas

DIY Homemade Crayons for Halloween

Easy to make homemade crayons. All you need are some old crayons and a Halloween themed mold.

Homemade Halloween Slime

Most kids love slime. This looks like a really fun idea, you could even get your own kids involved in making it.

Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags

A bit more on the expensive side, but these are super cute. My kids would absolutely love to get these for a treat.

Say NO to Glitter

Quick note on glitter.  Personally I avoid anything with glitter.  Not only is glitter annoying because it sticks to EVERYTHING, it is bad for the environment. Glitter is a form of micro-plastics which are polluting the ocean.  6 Reasons Micro-plastics are Harmful

Best Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Mini Pumpkin

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Is There a Better Candy Alternative?

Of course we can’t leave out the topic of candy. If you want to still hand out a little sweet treat for those who ask. Here are some of the healthier candy options.

The Downsides of Candy

Final Thoughts on a Non Candy Halloween

  • Our experience is that both kids and their parents like to receive non-candy treats.
  • Super cheap toys and trinkets are not the answer. Go for quality over quantity.
  • Consider doing DIY Halloween treats.
  • Say no to glitter when looking for non candy Halloween treats.
  • If you must give out candy, there are better kinds of candy you can buy.

What did you decide to handout this year? These are the best non candy Halloween treat ideas that my kids love.

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